Secret Garden




In this book you, our precious readers, will find the aim of our creation, the reason why we live, material-spiritual experiences that we must take heed during our life, death as not being annihilated and decayed in the earth but as a birth and salvation, and a passage to attain to meet with the Almighty Creator, our aim of creation as knowing and becoming aware of the Creator, and seeking and finding Him with endless love throughout our whole life, the significance of love and being union with Him, details of being purified and becoming mature by liberating the self from base desires, contributions of love, understanding and patience to our happiness in a form of sincere discourses given in a plain language through true stories we experienced and legendary stories of great masters.

We intend to share findings of our seeking for many years and show the TRUE FACE OF LIFE to you as much as we are able to see now.

Anyone who reads this book will attain to awareness rather than knowledge and thus reach to the pleasure of living.

Being aware of his unhappiness due to countless unimportant things that he is occupied with in this temporary world, he abandons his fears and attains to peace and happiness with love, understanding and tolerance.